As one of the oldest wine companies in Germany, the F. W. Langguth Erben winery looks back on a history of more than 230 years. In 1789, Franz Wilhelm Langguth founded the company as a wine trading company in the beautiful Moselle village Traben-Trarbach.

Now in its 7th generation, Patrick F. W. Langguth leads the company with his own vision and new ideas. Above all, the topic of sustainability takes the highest priority for him, so that the family tradition can be continued for many years to come.

But how has the company developed over the past generations and who were the people behind it all? 

Read here to find out how it all began!

Franz Wilhelm Langguth (1768-1839)

Franz Wilhelm (1768-1839)

In 1789, Franz Wilhelm Langguth and his brother founded a joint wine shop in Trarbach. After the early death of his brother, he continued the wine trade with the help of his wife. The former royal wine cellar, which Franz Wilhelm acquired at this time, was the center of Langguth’s wine trade for many years.


Foundation of the wine trading company in Trarbach

Carl Wilhelm Langguth (1815-1901)

Carl Wilhelm (1815-1901)

Already at the age of 24, Carl Wilhelm took over. In 1857, a town fire destroyed 80% of Trarbach, causing the family to move to the Traben district. After buying the former girls’ boarding house, Carl Wilhelm built the present Langguth Villa, including the winery, in 1887. With a strong will of his own and foresight, he started the international wine trade.


Building of the Langguth villa incl. winery

Franz Wilhelm Langguth (1851-1921)

Franz Wilhelm (1851 - 1921)

Franz Wilhelm (left) initially ran the company together with his brother Richard, but they parted ways in 1899. Franz Wilhelm remained in his parents’ company and decided to supplement the wine business with a winery, which impressed with individual estate wines.


Wine shop complemented by winery

Franz Wilhelm Langguth (1887-1937)

Franz Wilhelm (1887-1937)

Franz Wilhelm did not initially have much interest in Langguth’s business. However, he and his brother Ulrich agreed that Franz Wilhelm should continue to run the company. The winery idea was implemented by him and especially by his wife Margit (née Tavan). She mainly took care of the business.


Winery idea implemented especially by Margit

Johann Wolfgang Langguth (1924-2016)

Johann Wolfgang (1924-2016)

After Johann Wolfgang returned home severely wounded from the war, he took over the family business and continued it with a completely new vision. He had made it his goal to establish the first branded wines in Germany, which he achieved in 1952 with the “Himmlisches Moseltröpfchen” brand. He managed the company for many years and left behind numerous successful brand concepts.


First wine brands in Germany

Thomas Langguth (geb. 1955)

Thomas (geb. 1955)

Through Thomas, Langguth’s business model was expanded once again in 1994. He added spirits to the portfolio by taking over the Berliner Bärensiegel company and with it the iconic herbal liqueur “Wurzelpeter”. Other markets were also opened up; F. W. Langguth Erben conquered the South and Southeast Asian markets in 1997 and has been exporting to Africa since 2003.


Expansion to include spirits trade

Patrick Franz Wilhelm Langguth (geb. 1980)

Patrick Franz Wilhelm (geb. 1980)

Today, Patrick F. W. is leading the family business in the 7th generation. He pursues the goal of a sustainable company, as it is his wish that the family heritage will be continued for many more generations.

In doing so, he always tries to combine tradition as well as innovation. With the ERBEN® relaunch in 2019, he has set new standards in the company’s history.


Management of a sustainable company