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A good wine can also be vegan! The SONTINO® BioVegan wines contain all the joy of life of Southern Italy. The sun-kissed coastal terroirs give these wines their fruity structure and enticing aroma.SONTINO® BioVegan stands for biovegan wine enjoyment from Italy and now presents itself even more sustainable. Not only the new ECO2Bottle, which ensures a reduction of 30% CO2 emissions, supports the brand’s sustainability concept. The new Twister cap, which is 4x more sustainable than a conventional cap, also ensures a better balance. The concept is rounded off by FSC-certified label paper and bottling in Germany.

Sontino Tradizionale Weinflaschen
The grapes for the SONTINO® BioVegan wines are cultivated in accordance with the guidelines for organic agriculture. All wines in the range carry the European Vegetarian Union’s V-logo which guarantees a manufacturing process without the use of animal products.

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